How to use this website

To find dentists close to you simply enter your postcode in the search field on the home page. A map will then display all the dental practices near to you.

You can select to see practices that are 2,4,6,10,or 20 miles from your postcode area.

The map will display icons each icon is a dental practice that has vacancies, if you hover your mouse over the icons you will see details of the practice and the type of patients that the practice is able to accept, together with the number of patients that are able to join when there is a limit to the number of available spaces.

The map has a zoom control to allow you to zoom in and out, this is useful if you have many icons grouped close together.

If you click on an icon you will be show more details of the practice, including telephone numbers, transport information and joining information.

In some cases you may have to phone the practice to join, in others you may be able to join online, by completing a simple form.

The Dental Helpline

The Helpline works in partnership with other health partners across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to improve residents’ access to dental services.

Residents in areas covered by NHS Southampton City, NHS Hampshire, NHS Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Primary Care Trust can use the Dental Helpline.

Have a dental related enquiry?

Whether you're just looking to join a dentist to get regular check-ups, are experiencing a dental emergency, or just have a question about your practice or treatment; the dental helpline can give you:

  • accurate, up-to-date information on which dentists are currently taking on new NHS patients in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight;
  • access to daily emergency appointments for the relief of dental pain (where the patient is not joined to a regular dentist);
  • advice on current NHS charges and;
  • contact details for other related services, where required.

You can also speak to a qualified dental nurse who can give advice on managing a dental problem or help understand dental treatments and terminology.

Other useful information can be accessed by clicking the links above to dental charges and oral health.